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"Great service and advice! I purchased my first two fish for my newly established 20-gal. tank. Was given excellent customer service and advice regarding the new tank. I have called the store numerous times and have gotten top-rate advice each time. Everyone is courteous and helpful! Will be coming back to purchase more fish soon."

- A Google User, via Google Reviews


"This is the coolest hole in the wall pet store i ever found. They carry everything!! Go there and pay people for great products instead of a mega corporation."

- Armand Trafford Osgood, via Facebook


"Seven Seas is BY FAR the BEST pet store I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I was given a rat terrier pup 4 my bday. I love her soooo much, I'd have paid double the meager $550 at which she was sold. She came with ALL her shots (no more 4 another year), a microchip, and free 1st check up by their vet. She was found 2 have acquired a bug  since coming home, but Leon (@ 7 seas) paid 4 ALL her meds. There was a mix up between the vet & I so that I came 2 get her meds & they were unavailable. Leon picked them up & mailed them 2 me 2 save me a trip!! The staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and VERY WARM. They bond with every animal as if it were their own. I Love Seven Seas, Leon and ALL the support staff 4 making mine a LOVELY experience!! I promise, They will take good care of U!!!"

- kelragz, via Yellowpages


"I get great deals on anything I need, granted some items are not much of a deal (animal food) everything else is priced to go, and every time I drive past I see another sale! Awesome!"

- Sleven Kalevera, via Facebook

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